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Development History

unicorecomm development history

Founded in 2009, Hexinxingtong provides basic products including one-stop GNSS, with positioning accuracy ranging from millimeter level, centimeter level, sub-meter level to meter level, and comprehensively meets the demand for high-performance, low-cost, low-power and high-quality positioning products in different market areas such as intelligent driving, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agriculture, autonomous machines, etc.

unicorecomm development history


Unicore and NVIDIA cooperate to empower the development and application of autonomous machines.


Unicore released a high-precision dual-antenna RTK positioning and heading module – UM982, which supports all constellations and all frequencies. This module is well-suited for UAVs, precision agriculture, autonomous machines, etc.


Unicore's UFirebird & UFirebirdII GNSS SoCs and the positioning modules based on NebulasII & NebulasIV GNSS SoCs are among the first to pass the BeiDou Basic Product Certification.


Unicore's new generation of GNSS modules (based on NebulasIV and FirebirdII SoCs) made their debut at the 11th China Satellite Navigation Conference.


Unicore exhibited UC6228, UC6580, UM960 and other products at Japan IT Week Autumn 2022.


Unicore won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award for the all-constellation all-frequency centimeter-level GNSS positioning chip R&D and industrialization.


Unicore won the Golden Globe Award and the Top 100 Innovative Enterprises of Intelligent Connectivity.


Unicore’s new-generation GNSS modules based on the Nebulas IV chip made their debut in China Satellite Navigation Conference. With TruePoint high-precision augmentation service, Unicore is empowering the intelligent ecosystem.

Unicore’s UFirebird chip was ordered in tens of millions in the field of IoT, which demonstrates customer’s approval and trust in the product performance, price, quality, supply ability and after-sales service.


Unicore granted GNSS Intellectual Property (IP) license to mobile phones.

Unicore’s Nebulas IV SoC was exhibited at the National Museum of China.

On the first anniversary of the launch of BeiDou-3 Global Navigation Satellite System, Unicore’s GNSS chips were reported by China Central Television.


Unicore Firebird II chip won Gold Award of Innovation in IoT Exhibition (IOTE) 2021.

Unicore was recognized as Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in 2021, marking the company’s outstanding performance in technological innovation and exploration, as well as its well-established IP management system.


As one of the co-founders, Unicore was awarded by the Low-Speed Automated Driving Industry Alliance.

Unicore’s whole series of products were exhibited at the First International Summit on BDS Applications, and were highlighted by central and local media.

With the theme of “Building a Location Base for the Intelligence Era”, Unicore’s products were presented at the Conference of BDS Applications, receiving extensive attention from many experts, academicians and media.


Unicore GNSS chips were exhibited at the National Scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition.


Unicore won the Golden Globe Award of Top 100 Innovation Enterprises of Intelligent Connectivity.


Unicore exhibited a full range of products at Las Vegas CES 2020, and for the first time made a joint appearance with Rx Networks—another subsidiary of BDStar Group, to provide location solution + data service + multi-sensor fusion algorithm. The IC + Cloud mode is empowering unlimited intelligent applications.


User terminal products equipped with Unicore chips are applied in high-precision surveying and mapping, pesticide spraying, logistics transportation, vehicle management system and meteorological stations.

Unicore participated in the Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany, exhibiting the application of GNSS chips in mass market, industrial IoT, automobile navigation, V2X and intelligent driving.


Unicore ranked No.1 in BDS-3 Dual-frequency Multi-system High-precision SoC Competition.


BDStar made an increase in profits against the economy downtrend in the first quarter, and Unicore sales hit a new high, reported by the Beijing News.


Unicore ranked No.1 in the Multi-mode Multi-frequency High-precision Module (Global Signal) Competition.


On the 9th annual conference of GNSS & LBS, Unicore’s Nebulas IV SoC won first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Satellite Navigation and Positioning.

Four products of Unicore were selected in the Recommended List of BDS-3 Civil Basic Products, among which the baseband-RF integrated chip, board and module were all at the top of the list.

On the 20th anniversary of the establishment of BDStar, Unicore set up a new subsidiary—TruePoint, to carry out assisted GNSS and augmentation services, increasing investment in the Cloud + IC strategy, and providing customers with end-to-end solution.


Unicore was one of the first to be awarded the Beijing Little Giant Enterprise.

On the 15th Conference on Promotion of China IC Industry, Unicore Nebulas IV SoC won the “China Chip” Excellent Product of Technological Innovation Award.


Unicore released a new-generation GNSS chip—Nebulas IV, which supports all constellations, all frequencies, with millimeter-level accuracy, and has integrated RF, baseband and high-precision algorithm. The product release received attention from many experts and was reported by several mainstream media such as China Central Television and Xinhua News Agency.

Nebulas IV chip won the Innovation Award at the China Satellite Navigation Conference.

Passed the QC 080000 certification, Unicore’s process management system is developing toward a high level.


The market share of Unicore GNSS chips used in vehicle navigation ranked No.1 in China, and the chips used in joint venture brand automobiles achieved mass production.

Domestic sales No. 1: The shipment of high precision boards and modules hit a record high.


The application results of Unicore’s chip and modules won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2018.

Unicore participated Consumer Electronics Show (CES2019). Unicore’s full system multi-frequency high-precision module products are still the focus of attention.


Unicore participated World Mobile Communication Conference (MWC 2019), showed the company's GNSS chips, modules, boards and other products for mobile communication and IoT.


On the 8th, Unicore celebrated its tenth birthday! The 10th Anniversary Celebration was held in Beijing Gubei Water Town Tourism Resort.

Unicore won EETimes’ "China's IC Design Achievement Awards" of the "Top Five Chinese Innovations" in 2019 and" Best RF / Wireless IC of the Year ".


AUVSI's XPONENTIAL 2019, Unicore’s full-system full-frequency high-precision module UB4B0 / UM482 attracted the attention of international drone manufacturers.


Unicore won the “10-year Outstanding Contribution Award” and “Industrial Promotion Contribution Award” in the Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Promotion Award.

“Ignite the Future” Unicore’s Ten-year Partner’s Conference was held in Beijing. Unicore’s new ten-year strategy was released.


Unicore series of high-precision positioning chips, modules, boards and customer application cases showcased at "InterGEO2019".

Unicore exhibited centimeter-level high-precision positioning modules and board products at the Agritechnica2019.


Unicore's GNSS chip was demonstrated for the first time on Nov. 27th, at the press conference held for the first anniversary of the global service provided by BDS-3


Unicore made a debut on CES2018, displaying its UFirebird UC6226 chip and a series of high-precision/standard-precision products and opening up the application markets of consumer electronics, intelligent driving, and UVAs.


Unicore CEO Dr. Huang Lei was invited as a representative of the development team of Beidou GNSS Chip to Hunan TV's Chinese New Year's Gala 2018.


Participated in CITE2018, won the Innovative Product Award with its UFirebird-UC6226 Chip, and was elected as one of the Top 10 Chinese IoV Innovation Companies.

Unicore successfully organized the company's 9th anniversary ceremony cum the 7th badminton contest.


Unicore took part in CSNC2018, releasing the UM220-IV modular products series and initiating the UFirebird IoT strategic collaboration.


Unicore made a debut on MWCS2018, displaying its Cloud + IC solution.

As a leading professional developer of high performance satellite positioning and multi-sensor fusion algorithm, Unicore signed a strategic partnership agreement with DT mobile on 5G Intelligent Connected Vehicles(ICVs).


Unicore participated in the annual conference of GNSS and LBS Association of China(GLAC) and put on show its new technologies, new products and application achievements.


Unicore participated in InterGEO2018, releasing its CLAP-B Inertial Navigation System products.

Best performer in national multi-system GNSS SoC(BB+RF) test in 2018.


Unicore sped up its pace in the development of high-precision timing technology, its "GNSS-based High Precision Timing Method" was granted a patent by National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA), and its UT-4B0, an all-system full-frequency high-precision timing product, was released.


Participated in IC China2018, and attracted much attention for its achievements in the development of all-system chips and products.

It was announced in a press release by State Council that the construction of the Beidou-3 system had completed and the system had begun providing navigation service worldwide. Unicore responded to the news immediately and gave measured data with its products, demonstrating the high-precision, high-reliability, and high-availability of the Beidou-3 system.

China National Administration of GNSS and Applications (CNAGA) issued a white book, the Application Cases of the Beidou Satellite Navigation System, in which Unicore's all-system products were among the "first recommended" in their domains and multiple Unicore-Inside solutions were included in the book.

April 2017

Unicore showcasedCITE2017

May 2017

Unicore released UFirebird-UC6226, the smallest 28nm GNSS SoC, targeting IoT market.

Unicore released the smallest(3x4mm) multi-mode multi-frequency high precision RTK positioning/heading module-UM482

Unicore Nebulas-II series products fully support the Galileo system, and are listed in the USEGALILEO website :

Unicore’s holding company BDStarreached a strategic cooperation with China’s domestic bicycle sharing company ofo

June 2017

Unicore UR380 high precision receiver been added to the International GNSS Service (IGS) receiver/antenna recommendation list,

June 2017

Unicore showcasedCommando Wing---China AUVSC Show and Conference

July 2017

BDStaracquires Canada-based RX Networks Inc., to drive its business model of Location-based Cloud Service + IC/IP(Unicore) and to provide enterprise, trade and common users with fast and precise positioning services, products and solutions.

September 2017

Unicore introduced new generation of high precision positioning and heading module for the oversea market inInterGEO.

ION GNSS+ 2017 was held in Portland, USA, Unicore representative made a report at the meeting.

Unicore UFirebird low power GNSS SoC and UM4B0 module won first prizes for the satellite navigation science and technology progress award

October 2017

In Unicore/NavInfo cooperation project, PPP products passed acceptance, to achieve centimeter level positioning accuracy

November 2017

The successful launch of Beidou-IIIsatellites has opened up a new era in the global networking of the Beidou satellite navigation system, Unicore took the lead in capturing the Beidou-3 new system signal

December 2017

Unicore won prize for the nineteenth China Patent Award

January 2016

Unicore multi-system multi-frequency GNSS SoC chip is awarded 2nd prize of National Science and Technology Progress, which is the first time for a domestic GNSS company to win this honor.

May 2016

Unicore released first multi-system multi-frequency high precision GNSS module - UM332

May 2016

Unicore release smallest 40nm Beidou GNSS SoC ---MockBird-UC6225

May 2016

Unicore multi-system multi-core GNSS SoC-UC4C0 won CSNC2016 satellite navigation Promotion Award - innovation contribution award

July 2016

Unicore announced its new enterprise vision and mission - --


Smart positioning for anything, anywhere, anytime.


To be a world's leading supplier of core products and solutions for advanced space-time sensing and transmission

Core Values:

Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity, Innovative, Boundaryless Responsibility

September 2016

Unicore multi-system multi-core and high-precision navigation/positioning GNSS SoC-Nebulas II won first prize of 2016 satellite navigation technology progress

October 2016

Unicore showcased in international conferences of ION and InterGEO

November 2016

UR380 receiver won BDS GBAS project, Unicore’s high precision GNSS boards accounts for 80% of the BDS GBAS system

December 2016

The annual sales of high-precision board increased by more than 70%, which is recognized by the leading customers in new industry. UB280 and UB351 widely adopted in UAV, robots and locomotives applications

December 2015

National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund invested BDStar, supporting Unicore’s GNSS SoC development.

December 2015

Unicore won the bid of BDS GBAS System, UB380 being the most popular GNSS Board adopted in the project.

December 2015

Unicore won China National Science and Technology Progress Award, which is the first time for a domestic GNSS company to win such a high level prize.

November 2015

UC221 Inside Tracker applied in “Ultra Tour Mt Siguniang” September 2015 Unicore Showcased at ION GNSS+2015 and InterGEO2015

August 2015

Unicore passed the AEC-Q100, which is the first time for a domestic GNSS SoC chip to pass this reliability criteria test.

May 2015

Release UC4C0---Multi-System Multi-Core High Precision GNSS SoC 2015 Unicore High precision board has been awarded first prize for “Science and Technology Progress Award of Satellite Navigation and Positioning”

December 2014

Unicore Humbird(UC220) was awarded Beijing Science and Technology Award

December 2014

Unicore won the bid of BDS GBAS System stage 1, Unicore high precision boards are the only choice of all the project winners.

September 2014

Unicore High precision board was awarded first prize for “Science and Technology Progress Award of Satellite Navigation and Positioning”

September 2014

Unicore showcased in 2014 ION GNSS+

July 2014

Unicore Inside support Tsinghua Africa Volunteers to research Wild Life Protection

June 2014

Unicore High Precision Receiver won WGDC2014 Most valued Product Award.

May 2014

Attend CSNC2014,was awarded CSNC Product Innovation award Unicore Announces BeiDou/GPS+MEMS GNSS Module, High-Precision Heading Board

January 2014

Unicore Humbird SoC was awarded CITE 2014 “innovative products and Applications"

December 2013

Unicore Humbird(UC221) awarded CSIP “Most Potential Award”

November 2013

Unicore Multi-System GNSS SoC and high-precision board have been ranked No.1 for three times in the national authoritative competition.

October 2013

Demonstration application of the Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia, the first in-dash application of BDS

September 2013

Awarded ”Ten Potential China’s Domestic IC Company” and “Best Fabless IC Product” by EE-Times

May 2013

Unicore announced Humbird(UC220), by far the smallest 55nm BDS SoC.

March 2013

First provincial-level BDS GBAS was approved and accepted, Unicore’s high precision OEM boards play a key role in CORS and Rover stations.

January 2013

Unicore announced new Logo


Unicore Multi-System GNSS SoC and high-precision board ranked No.1 in the national authoritative competition.

January 2012

Nebulas GNSS SoC (UC260) awarded " Zhongguancun Innovation Award. "

Deptember 2011

Unicore Nebuals GNSS SoC(UC260) was awarded first prize for “Science and Technology Progress Award of Satellite Navigation and Positioning”

August 2010

Successfully passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification

September 2010

Unicore revealed world ‘s first multi-system multi-frequency Full Beidou high-performance SoC -Nebulas™ , Chief Designer of Beidou Navigation System Sun Jiadong, Deputy Chief Architect Tan Shusen researcher, academician Yang Yuanxi, academician Liu jingnan, academician Xu Qifeng launching ceremony with Unicore CEO Dr. Han Shaowei

December 2010

Successfully won Wuhan University Project of Beidou/GPS dual-system quad-frequency receiver with UB240-CORS

March 2009

Foundation of Unicore Communications, Inc., headquartered in Beijing

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