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Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

Oct 10, 2023

Berlin, Germany – Oct. 10th to 12th, 2023 – INTERGEO, one of the world's largest and most important exhibitions for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, was held as scheduled, and Unicore presented a range of GNSS products based on its NebulasIV, UFirebirdII and UFirebird chip platforms, attracting professional visitors from all over the world.

Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

Visitors Exchanging Ideas with Unicore

At Unicore's booth, the positioning accuracy of the GNSS modules covers millimeter, centimeter, sub-meter and meter level, including the UM900 series high-precision positioning and timing modules based on the NebulasIV SoC, the UM680 and UM620 positioning modules based on the UFirdbirdII dual-frequency SoC, and the UM220 series modules based on the UFirebird single-frequency SoC; together with the matching evaluation kits, Unicore provides mature solutions for customers in different fields.

Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

Unicore GNSS Modules

01 Surveying and Mapping

Featuring high stability and reliability, UM980 and UM981 all-constellation multi-frequency high-precision GNSS modules are ideal choices for surveying and mapping, providing RTK solution. The modules can also provide fast, reliable and accurate positioning solutions in urban canyons and shaded environments where satellite signals are heavily obstructed.

02 Precision Agriculture

UM980, UM981 and UM982 modules are suitable for precision agriculture. They support E6 HAS and B2b-PPP high accuracy services, which help the agricultural machinery to obtain accurate positioning information at low cost in remote areas where few or no base station is available.

03 Autonomous Machine

For autonomous machines, UM960 is the prime product to choose, due to its high reliability, high precision and high fix rate. UM960 meets the needs of lawn mower application. It ensures the mower to work within electronic fence, supports autonomous cruising and route planning, and also maintains high performance under thick foliage.

04 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Considering the complexity and large differences in UAV applications, Unicore provides different products accordingly, such as for industrial drones, drone light shows, consumer drones and toy drones. The UM982 dual-antenna high-precision positioning and heading module, UM960 small-size high-precision positioning module, UFirebirdII standard-precision dual-frequency chip and UFirebird single-frequency chip are designed for different applications, meeting customer's requirements comprehensively in terms of product performance, size, power consumption and cost.


Industry Applications

UM670A and UM680A are high-precision automotive-grade modules developed by Unicore and have been widely used in the intelligent connected vehicles by many traditional car companies and electric vehicle companies. UM220 series single-frequency modules and UM620 series dual-frequency modules are preferred in industrial tablets, handheld devices and bike sharing/scooters.

Unicore’s partner, Holybro, exhibits the H-RTK Unicore UM982 (dual-antenna), which attracts much attention from visitors. UM982 is Unicore’s high-precision GNSS positioning and heading module, supporting on-chip RTK and dual-antenna heading solution. With only one single module, UM982 can provide both high-precision positioning information and heading information.

Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

H-RTK with UM982 Inside

Unicore also provides customers with accessory evaluation kits for testing. The new generation of Evaluation Boards characterized by compact size are easy to use; and Unikit, which makes its debut at the exhibition, not only supports 4G communication, Ntrip protocol, data storage, but is also compatible with all GNSS products of Unicore, being user-friendly for all customers either familiar or new to Unicore products.

Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

Unicore Showcases Positioning Solutions at INTERGEO 2023

Evaluation Boards & Unikit

INTERGEO is an international leading platform for the geospatial community to exchange technology and application information. Unicore communicates closely with global customers and friends in the industry, continues to expand the global market, and provides more customers with professional and high-quality products and technologies.

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