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Unicore Products Showcased at CES2019

Jan 23, 2019

At the beginning of the new year, Beidou-3 global navigation service was officially commissioned. Unicore had taken another step towards internationalization.

On January 8, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2019) was officially opened in the United States.

If Beidou's debut in CES2018 was compared to a shy girl lurking behind the curtain, then the commissioning of Beidou-3 global navigation service this year had lifted the curtain.

In addition to well-established satellite navigation applications such as in-vehicle navigation systems (IVNS) and drones, intelligent driving and 5G based applications are noteworthy in CES2019 since they are the on-going trends in technology industry in recent years.

Autonomous driving is gradually returning to rationality and unmanned driving has clearer prospects in such applications as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), fixed-route bus service, and unmanned logistics systems in the near future.

Unicore's high-precision GNSS boards and/or modules have been extensively used and warmly received in the field of intelligent driving in China.

Unicore Products Showcased at CES2019

The above picture denotes UB482, a navigation & positioning solution that combines Unicore's highly-integrated dual-antenna RTK & Inertial Navigation components for providing high-precision position information to intelligent driving.

All-system multi-frequency high-precision module products still attract much attention on the exhibition.

  • The highest degree of integration in the industry: a single Nebulas-II baseband chip and a single high-precision RF chip are integrated,

  • An all-system full-frequency RTK engine: capable of simultaneous processing of multi-frequency observation data from satellite systems such as BDS, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo and making good use of the unique advantage offered by the three frequencies of the BDS, GPS, and Galileo satellite systems for significantly improved RTK initiation speed, measurement precision and reliability in city blocks and under tree shade and implementation of long baseline centimeter-level RTK positioning

  • UGypsophila technology: 80% + higher RTK processing capability; stable RTK positioning calculation of more than 40 common visible satellites; recapture time ≤ 1s

  • Surface-Mount Devices(SMD): for simplified mass production processes at 60% lower labor cost

  • Proven: Cumulative sales volume > 100,000 pcs; first choice for customers in drones, intelligent driving, robots, etc.

Get prepared for 5G commercial applications: 5G commercial applications will promote the creation of a trillion-dollar market of IoT/IoV. Unicore in light of the high-reliability, high-speed, low time delay requirements of 5G releases patented all-system full-frequency high-precision timing modules that support users to configure satellite systems and frequencies for timing reference to achieve high timing precision, application flexibility, and stable and reliable performance that can meet 5G networks' rigorous requirements on nanosecond-level high precision time synchronization. They are promising in that they can be extensively deployed in major time synchronization nodes in 5G networks to energize mobile communication operators' high-speed low time delay businesses represented by intelligent driving and VR.

Moreover, multiple Unicore UFirebird chip based IoT modules are on display on CES. Of these modules, positioning based "Cloud +IC" empowering IoT deserves further exploration.

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