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unicorecomm company overview
Unicore Communications, Inc.

Unicore is a high-tech company engaged in a highly sophisticated GNSS IC design, high-performance satellite positioning and multi-sensor fusion algorithm development. By combining top-tier talent, modern management practices, latest technologies and convenient localization services, Unicore provides advanced time-space transmission products and services. The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, to sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level. Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) stations, surveying & mapping equipment, precision agriculture machinery, intelligent driving, driving tests and training, unmanned vehicles, mechanical control, autonomous vehicle navigation, precision timing, IoT, wearable devices and so on.

unicore company

Unicore Communications was founded in March 2009

as part of BDStar Navigation Group.

A BDStar Company
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