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GNSS All-constellation Multi-frequency High Precision Timing Module

Unicore’s new-generation proprietary GNSS high-precision timing module works on all systems and multiple frequencies. The GNSS timing module continuously delivers excellent performance even in complex electromagnetic environments. UT986 GNSS timing module provides nanosecond-level PPS accuracy and supports multiple timing modes, including fixed-location timing, optimized-location timing, and positioning timing, enabling exceptional timing accuracy in complex signal environments.

multi frequency



  • Based on the new generation GNSS SoC -NebulasIV, which integrates RF, baseband and high precision algorithm

  • New generation all-constellation multi-frequency high accuracy timing module, supports BeiDou-3 signals

  • Nanosecond-level PPS accuracy, with time quality indicator output

  • Excellent anti-jamming ability, tracking different signals through different RF channels 

  • Supports interference detection and spoofing detection

  • Supports single-satellite timing and positioning

Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications

Channel1408 channels, based on NebulasIV
FrequencyGPS L1C/A, L2C, L5 
BDS B1I, B1C, B2a 
Galileo E1, E5a, E5b
Positioning accuracy (CEP)Horizontal: 1.5 m (dual system, open sky)
vertical: 2.5 m (dual system, open sky)
Velocity accuracy (RMS)0.03 m/s (dual system horizontal, open sky)
Observation accuracy (RMS)
Cold start-147 dBm-145 dBm-145 dBm-145 dBm
Tracking-161 dBm-160 dBm-155 dBm-155 dBm
Time to First Fix (TTFF)Cold start  < 30 s
Reacquision < 3 s
1PPS accuracy< 5 ns(1σ)
Data update rate1 Hz,RTCM up to 10 Hz
Differential DataRTCM V3.X
Data format
NMEA 0183, Unicore 

Physical Specifications

Packaging28 pin LCC
Dimension17.0 × 22.4 × 2.4 mm
Weight1.9 g

Power Supply

Voltage3.0 V ~ 3.6 V DC
Power consumption700 mW (Typical)

Environmental Specifications

Working temperature-40 °C ~ +85 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C ~ +95 °C

I/O Interface

2 x UART
1 x PPS (LVTTL )

RF Input

Input impedance50 Ω
Antenna gain5 dB ~ 35 dB


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