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Unicore Products Showcased at XPONENTIAL 2023

May 26, 2023

Denver, USA – May 2023 – Unicore attended the XPONENTIAL exhibition and showcased a comprehensive range of GNSS products for unmanned systems, including UAVs, lawn mowers, and intelligent driving.

A Wide Range of Products for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems mainly include UAVs, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, etc., which can complete designated tasks autonomously or through remote control. In everyday life, common terminal products such as UAVs, autonomous machines, intelligent driving, and robotic lawn mowers require precise location information.

At XPONENTIAL 2023, Unicore has exhibited two series of products for unmanned systems, namely standard precision products and high precision products.

The standard precision products include

(1) UC6226, multi-system GNSS navigation and positioning chip;

(2) UC6580, dual-frequency multi-system GNSS positioning chip.

The high precision products include

(1) UM982, all-system multi-frequency high-precision dual-antenna positioning and heading module;

(2) UM960, all-system multi-frequency high-precision RTK positioning module;

(3) UM681, multi-system dual-frequency RTK/INS integrated positioning module;

(4) UM680A, automotive grade multi-system dual-frequency RTK positioning module.

Specially Designed for Different Applications

Different market segments have different demands for satellite navigation products. In order to better fit the applications, Unicore has designed a range of products with different benefits.

(1) Industrial UAVs

With the popularization of intelligent operations, the application scenarios of UAVs have gradually become more complex and diverse, such as forestry and water monitoring, facility inspection, aerial surveying, search and rescue, etc. Industrial UAVs often fly in urban canyons, under bridges over water, in the shade of trees, and often obstructed by mountains, which requires high stability of RTK positioning. In addition, the portability of industrial UAVs also requires GNSS modules to be small and consume less power. Unicore’s UM960 and UM982 modules with small size and low power consumption perfectly meet the requirements.

(2) Agricultural UAVs

In agricultural operation scenarios such as orchards and tea plantations, GNSS signals are often obstructed by trees and mountain slopes, which requires high accuracy of RTK positioning and heading stability. Unicore’s UM982 module has inherited the advantages of the previous generation product UM482, and can receive more frequencies with more powerful chip inside, thus covering more complex application scenarios.

(3) Consumer UAVs

Consumer UAVs rarely operate autonomously and are often controlled by humans. They fly in various and dynamically changing scenarios, requiring high stability for the GNSS single-point positioning. Currently, Unicore’s UC6226 and UC6580 chips are widely used in consumer UAVs at various levels, from flight control systems to remote controllers.

(4) Drone Light Show

In drone light show, the operating equipment often exceeds a hundred or even a thousand, so the requirement for GNSS RTK reliability and the anti-jamming performance of the module are high because of safety considerations. Unicore's UM960 module is well-suited for drone light show and is widely used in such application.

(5) Robotic Lawn Mowers

In addition to UAV applications, robotic lawn mowers, which often work by corners and in the shade of trees that obstruct GNSS signals, also have higher requirement for the position fix rate and position accuracy. Taking into account the cost performance and other factors, UM960 is preferred by many lawn mower manufacturers.

(6) Intelligent Driving

The RTK technology, high-precision "Dual-antenna Positioning + Heading Technology", and "GNSS + IMU" integrated positioning algorithm and technology can provide high-precision positioning and heading information and meet the needs of different levels of intelligent driving. Unicore’s UM680A and UM681A modules can provide highly accurate position, velocity and attitude information, ensuring the reliability and safety of intelligent driving.

Unmanned systems and autonomous machines empower the "smart" life. Unicore's GNSS chips and modules serve as a "location digital base" for the terminal products of "smart" life, making location and spatial-temporal information accessible for anything, anywhere, and anytime.

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