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Unicore Announces Cooperation with NVIDIA

Aug 14, 2022

Recently, Unicore's GNSS positioning module and NVIDIA Jetson platform have completed multi-source fusion and adaptation, working together to provide a stable, efficient and convenient application development environment based on precise positioning for autonomous robots and related industry applications.

Autonomous machines can operate on their own, with well-developed "brains" that intelligently perform tasks in different environments according to relevant instructions. As a recognized leader in AI, NVIDIA can provide solutions from the cloud to the edge that integrate hardware and software computing. NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin is suitable for the development of a new generation of machines, with the computing power of up to 275 TOPS, characterized by small size, low power consumption, and is equipped with full-stack software resources and a complete ecosystem, which help users to speed up their development and become the first choice in the autonomous machine industry.

Empowered by the emerging intelligent technologies such as AI, the application of autonomous machines has become more and more extensive, and the application environment has gradually moved from the original closed environment to outdoors. GNSS positioning module serves as the sensory system for the machines, providing all-day all-weather high-precision position and time information, and has gradually become an indispensable part of autonomous mobile robots.

Li Yuqian, an expert in the robotics industry from NVIDIA, said, "The improvement of the robotics ecosystem will definitely help the development of the industrial chain. We are very happy to cooperate with Unicore Communications—the expert in the field of high-precision GNSS positioning. Through the construction of the integration platform between our two sides, we will provide intelligent, accurate and efficient service for terminal users and promote the development of the whole ecological industry chain of autonomous machines."

As an ecological partner of NVIDIA’s autonomous machine system, Unicore can provide high-precision GNSS data for autonomous machines. Unicore‘s GNSS positioning module such as UM982 has been adapted to the NVIDIA Jetson platform to achieve multi-source fusion, being able to process data collected from multiple sources, and providing accurate positioning coordinate information. Unicore will also provide corresponding SDK development environment for different versions of ROS, which can effectively shorten the research and development cycle and lower the threshold for the development of autonomous robots in different industries.

Medium and low-speed autonomous driving machines are usually used in complex scenes, such as urban canyons, which place very high requirements on the positioning accuracy and reliability of autonomous driving machines. Unicore's high-precision positioning and heading module UM982 with low power consumption and compact size perfectly meets the requirements. Based on NebulasIV—an RF-baseband integrated chip that support all constellations and all frequencies independently developed by Unicore, UM982 has excellent positioning and heading performance in complex scenarios. It supports dual-antenna signal input, and can simultaneously perform high-precision centimeter-level RTK positioning solution using two antennas and output the high-precision heading solution, providing more information for the multi-sensor fusion algorithm. The UM982 module has excellent anti-jamming ability and jamming-detection ability, being able to effectively and accurately detect the environmental interference, and output the jamming strength to provide decision support for the main control algorithm of autonomous driving machines.

Human society is entering the era of intelligence, and autonomous robotic systems will play an increasingly important role in various industries such as driving, logistics and transportation, with higher autonomy, accuracy and safety. Unicore will give full play to its technological advantage in the GNSS field, and work with NVIDIA to build a robotic ecosystem that is more open and easier to use, empowering the R&D and innovation of autonomous machines in different industries.

About Unicore Communications

Unicore Communications Inc. is a high-tech company engaged in highly sophisticated GNSS IC design, high-performance satellite positioning and multi-sensor fusion algorithm development. Unicore provides advanced time-space transmission products and services including one-stop GNSS core products. The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter level, to sub-meter and centimeter level, down to millimeter level. The high performance, low cost, low power consumption, and high quality of the products meet the requirements of different markets such as intelligent driving, UAVs, robotics, etc.


NVIDIA's (NASDAQ: NVDA) invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and redefined modern computer graphics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. The company's innovations in accelerated computing and artificial intelligence are influencing trillion-dollar industries such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and driving growth in many other industries. For more information, visit the website

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