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The Battle Against The Coronavirus, Unicore is Always Online as Long as You Need!

Jan 28, 2020

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 affected everyone in heart, the Unicore staff raised money instantly and sent it to Wuhan on January 27. We do our bit to fight the epidemic together. Many of our partners quickly rush to the front line with prevention solutions.

GNSS, an invisible warrior amid the epidemic

High-precision surveying and mapping

In the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital projects, which were urgently built to fight the epidemic, high-precision satellite navigation and mapping equipment has played an important part, for that provided intelligent surveying and mapping technology for rapid completion of the hospital projects.

Disinfectant spraying and transportation

Based on GNSS high-precision positioning, we can use drones to achieve precise positioning, disinfectant spraying, and logistics transportation. It has been now applied to agricultural plant protection and logistics delivery. In addition, intelligent driving technology based on GNSS high-precision positioning has achieved such applications as unpiloted sweeper. In order to avoid personal injury, infection and transmission in epidemic areas, drones and/or unmanned vehicles with GNSS high-precision positioning technology have been used for cleaning and disinfection, supplies delivery, and aerial photography in engineering construction.

The Battle Against The Coronavirus, Unicore Is Always Online as Long as You Need!

Unicore Inside UAV spray disinfectant in public places

Scheduling and management of specific vehicles

To reduce the spread of the epidemic, restrictions are imposed on vehicles traveling across cities and provinces to lessen the flow of susceptible population. And by transportation of patients and scheduling of materials via specific vehicles, and through vehicle management backend and in-vehicle GNSS positioning devices, the vehicles can be more effectively scheduled and managed.

Weather station

Without support of communication signals, a BDS unmanned weather station can automatically collect meteorological data such as wind direction, light, temperature and humidity, to provide reference for infrastructure construction.

In addition, based on the BDS GBAS system and particularly the GNSS-based public high-precision positioning service system being constructed by mobile operators, through cloud-assisted augmentation and cloud high-precision positioning technology, it is most likely to achieve positioning precise to within a meter for specific vehicles/carriers, personnel, etc.


Let's all work together to fight against the difficulties. May all patients resume health and may the great angels in white return in triumph and safety!

UAV fleet Vedio by Unicore’s Partner to pray for WUHAN

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